The Best Snowmobile Gloves 2020 (Must Read Review)

Trust me, Snowmobiling is an awesome adventure that involves exploring a snow mountain with a snowmachine, commonly called snow scooter or Ski-Doo. 

As simple as that sound, it takes a lot of preparation before you can venture on such an adventure.

Generally, the things you should first consider is proper gear, a snow scooter, and the mountain you wish to explore.

So, let’s quickly dig into the best snowmobile glove in the market today.

We recognise that preference and budget may be different, so we made our list flexible enough to account for such differences.

Below is our pick on the best snowmobile gloves in 2020. 


Yet, because the journey is very exciting, it is common for folks to spend much time on deciding what mountain to explore and which brand of Ski-Doo to use. 

Well, we do not intend to solve that problem. In fact, we want you to make the best choice on your scooter, the mountain to explore, and spend less time on what gear to choose.

Carhartt is a Dearborn, based company with over 40years of experience in manufacturing outdoor wears, bags and glasses.

As expected of a company with long experience, Carhartt products stand out for its exceptional quality and thoughtful design.  

This Carhartt men’s glove does not stand aloof from the reputation its producer already has in the market. It comes with a simple but thoughtful design, high-quality construct, excellent finish, and affordable price. Hence, it tops our list for the best snowmobile gloves. 

carhartt mens Best snowmobile gloves

Its design features a tough, durable, waterproof 100% polyester outer shell- just exactly what you need against the harsh weather conditions of the mountain. 

The inner lining comes with a soft, warm, and comfy 100% polyester material. Also, the palm features a durable PolyTex shell and a reinforced 100% polyurethane material.

This palm material allows you to grip your snowmobile perfectly, and it will not be uncomfortable when you’re idle.

Lastly, the glove come with a lining called the FastDry technology. This option allows it to wick out sweat and keep your hand always dry at all times. It also provides space for users who intend to add an extra skin layer for more warmth.

All in all, this glove is an excellent pick. It is inexpensive, cheap to maintain, and easy to clean. 

Key features

  • 100% polyester inner and outer shell
  • Dry-max waterproof technology
  • PolyTex shell and 100% polyurethane palm reinforcement
  • FastDry lining to wick sweat away


  • It is fully waterproof and windproof
  • Reinforced digital grip on palm and stick grip on fingers
  • Stretch fleece cuffs


  • A bit bulky

2. Black Diamond Snowmobile Glove- Best Value.

The heritage of Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd, goes back to 1957 when they started selling hand-forged climbing gear from the trunk of a car.

Sixty-plus years later, the Utah based company still stands out in the market for its innovative design and engineering of mountain equipment. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for one snowmobile glove that will suit a vast number of other mountain activities like skiing, this glove is your best option. 

The glove features a removable PrimaLoft Gold and boiled wool palm lining for extra warmth. It comes with a tough goat-leather palm and palm patch for grip, flexibility, and durability. 

Its exterior has a four-way stretch, abrasion-resistant, nylon shell, and a foam padding on knuckles for impact protection. 

Black Diamond Snowmobile Glove review

The liner comes in a breathable and 100% waterproof GORE-TEX insert with Plus Warm Technology.

Overall, this product is arguably the most versatile snowmobile glove in the market. Its lining holds in place with Velcro strips and cuffs- although they can be difficult to release.

Yet, its excellent construct, ability to withstand harsh, diverse weather conditions, and exceptional durability make this gear a premium pick.

Key features

  • Foam paddings on knuckles for optimum protection from impacts
  • Goat leather palm and palm patch
  • Abrasion-resistant, 4-way stretch woven nylon shell
  • 100% waterproof and windproof with breathable GORE-TEX insert and the Plus Warm Technology
  • PrimaLoft Gold and boiled wool palm lining


  • Excellent construct
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting


  • The Velcro strips can be difficult to release

3. Heritage Extreme Winter Glove- Best Low-end

Heritage Glove is a California-based company aimed at becoming the leading brand of equestrian riding gloves in the world.

They plan to reach that goal by providing the best quality and most innovative riding gloves available.

The Heritage Extreme Winter Glove was one of the best-selling winter gloves in the market, and its popularity is for its low price and long-lasting ability. Yet, its manufacturer decided to improve on the product.

This improved design features an outstanding 70grams of Thinsulate inner lining for insulation in both cold and wet weather conditions.

Even more, the waterproofing and its inner lining features a unique technology explicit for only Heritage gloves.

Specifically, it comes with a nylon shell that covers the inner lining and will allow heat to leave the glove but not enter into it. That, for better insulation and improved breathability.

The glove also comes with a thick, built-in, two-layered fleece liner that shields users from the wind.

These layers are only half of its 4-layer waterproof and windproof design that provides you with maximum comfort. 

Another improvement in this product is on the palm. Precisely, it has a “Touch Screen Sensitive,” fingertips, and an improved palm material that provides an excellent grip on your handlebar and an increased glove durability.

Finally, there is a zipper pocket on the glove to allow users to use hand warmers. 

Key features

  • 4 Layers of protection
  • Touch Screen Sensitive fingers
  • 70grams of Thinsulate inner lining


  • Excellent lining
  • Affordable
  • Touch-screen sensitive
  • Highly durable


  • It is not suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

4. Outdoor Research Men’s Alti Mitts- Best high-end

Outdoor Research is a Settle- based manufacturer of winter gears, hats, and clothes. Although its products are usually high-end, the company stands out for his excellent product warranty and brilliant design.

The Outdoor Research mittens is a top-selling product known for its versatility of use and excellent durability.

So, if you’re comfortable with spending more on snowmobiling gloves, this product is your best pick. 

A few features put this product on the first half of our list. Namely- its excellent windproof and outer construction.

Precisely, the mitten comes with a design that will keep wearers warm even at heights of 8000 meters. 

Like the Black Diamond glove, it comes with a GORE-TEX outer layer. However, its exterior construct is of higher quality and provides better protection. It also has the PrimaLoft Gold insulation in its inner lining for better comfort and breathability. 

The mitten features the Moonlite Pile Fleece around the palm for waterproofing, windproof, and durability. To further increase its strength and waterproofing, it has the Kevlar stitching in the palm. 

Lastly, the mitten comes with AlenGrip tabs for excellent hold of your snowmobile handlebar and brake and to prevent every possible slippage.

In summary, the mitten is more expensive than every other product on our list, but its features are worth the price. It would have been at the top of our list, but the price for its value is a huge factor in our selection

Key features

  • Windproof and waterproof design
  • Nylon and Polyester Lining
  • GORE-TEX outer layer
  • PrimaLoft Gold insulation
  • Moisture-wicking
  • AlenGrip 


  • Excellent construct
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for extended heights


  • Expensive
  • Bulky 

5. MCTi Waterproof Men’s Snowmobile Glove- Best for flexibility

At a glance, the MCTi is a sleek, trendy, stylish glove featuring different construction materials.

Its design will suit snowmobile riders who want better control and feel of their hands while riding.

In simpler terms, it is your best pick if extreme flexibility alongside protection from harsh conditions is your top priority. 

For a start, this glove is very lightweight- only 40grams. However, its overall weight does not compromise its ability to keep wearers from cold or heavy rain.

Like the Heritage glove, it features a 3M Thinsulate insulation (although only 40grams of it) that accounts for its waterproofing and windproof.

It also has a 140gram inner cotton liner that makes it comfy and soft on the skin.
Its outer layer construct is 94% polyester and 6% spandex construct.

The Polyester accounts for its durability, while spandex improves the glove’s overall flexibility.

Further, the fingers come with rubber reinforcement and the palms- Polyurethane coating for good grip and durability. It features a zipper and a strap to secure the glove, both of which are easy to use.

Although low price is sometimes synonymous with low quality, it does not apply to this product.

Its unique and excellent construct makes the glove stand out among competitors and makes it last longer. 

Key features

  • Zipper pockets
  • 40grams Thinsulate insulation
  • Polyurethane palm and rubber reinforced fingers
  • 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex outer layer
  • Nose-wipe thumb
  • Adjustable wrist strap


  • Affordable
  • Water and wind-resistant composite outer layer
  • Excellent degree of flexibility


  • The breathability needs improvement

6. ​Hestra Army Snowmobile Mitten- Best Snowmobile Mitten.

Hestra Glove is a Sweden-based manufacturer of gloves and mittens.

As you will expect from a company that explicitly manufactures one product for over 80years, their products shimmers excellence, superior quality, and exceptional design.

If you prefer a mitten than a glove, but you cannot afford the Outdoor Research Men’s Alti Mitts, the Hestra Army mitten this product is your best pick, and here is why. 

The mitten comes with a design that will keep you warm and also allow you to enjoy flexibility.

It is the warmest in the Heli-Ski family of the manufacturer’s product, and it features three separate, removable lining layers. Thes linings combine for a high adaptability in varying conditions and keep wearers warm in any of such situations. 

It has goat-skin leather on its palm and fingers, an elastic strap with Velcro for easy accessibility, and the Eagle Grip design. This grip design follows the wearer’s natural hand curve to provide a closer, sturdy, and comfortable grip.

Also, the glove is fully waterproof, windproof, and comes with the HESTRA Triton fabric (Army Goat Leather) on its outer layer. This leather is the most durable leather Hestra uses, and it was explicitly for military purposes.

Although this mitten has a sturdy construct, its breathability is also excellent. Precisely, it comes with the G-Loft Insulation Technology that quickly keeps your hands free from moisture at every time. It also comes with handcuffs to ensure maximum warmth. 

Overall, the HESTRA Army mitten is a flexible, easy to clean (because its layers are separate), and sturdy constructed snowmobile gear. It is also expensive, but its features and high-quality materials justify its price

Key features

  • Eagle Grip design
  • G-Loft Insulation
  • Army Goat leather
  • Bemberg lining
  • Fiberfill polyester construct


  • High-quality design material
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Wind and water-resistant


  • Pricey

7. Flambeau Heated Snowmobile glove- Best Heated Snowmobile Glove

Flambeau is a Wisconsin based manufacturer of hunting, fishing, and tactical weapon accessories.

The company has almost a century of experience in producing these accessories. As expected, its products are of high-quality. 

Heated gloves- gloves that have heating elements in them- are taking the world of gloves by the storm.

That is because they have been exceptional and highly efficient in keeping the body warm, especially for people with cold fingers. However, their battery capacity and charging time still needs improvement.

Flambeau heated glove can last for up to 5.5 hours after fully charged. Yet, its batteries do not take as much time to get to its full charge limit.  

Although the glove comes with an advanced means to keep the hands warm, it does not compromise on the traditional layering and insulation.

Precisely, it features a waterproof, nylon exterior, 100grams of the insulation layer, and a secure wrist strap to allow heat stay on the palms.

Overall, this product provides an innovative way of combating winter chills, even in the harshest weather conditions. Yet, like other heated gloves, it is not as durable as the regular gloves.

Key features

  • Nylon exterior
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in heating element


  • Thoughtful design
  • It can last for up to 5.5 hours
  • Lightweight 


  • The heating element does not last for a long time
    Poor customer service

8. Klim Kilmate Snowmobile glove- Best Highly-insulated Snowmobile Glove

Klim is a popular name in the world of gloves. The company, like Hestra, produces only gloves, and its products are peculiar for its overall quality.

The standout feature of this product is its hefty amount of insulation and the thoughtful placement of it.

Many manufacturers of snowmobile gloves now add substantial amounts of insulation to their products to make it robust against harsh weather conditions.

However, gloves with enormous insulation generally have low breathability.
Yet, if you want a heavily insulated glove but with the best breathability and flexibility, this glove is your best option. Here’s why.

The glove comes with 300grams of Thinsulate insulation- fairly good among its highly insulated competitors and 150grams higher than the most insulated glove on our list. 

Still, the best part isn’t the insulation weight. Here’s the most excellent part, because the back of your hand is more exposed to wind and snow than your palm, 200 grams of Thinsulate is on its exterior. 

Your palm, while snowboarding, is placed on the handlebar and needs less protection. So, the remaining 100grams is on the palm. 

Along with its excellent insulation, this product comes in a wide range of sizes and colours. It also features a unique and sturdy material on the palm to improve grip and the glove’s durability. 

Like most good snowmobile glove, this one comes with a GORE-TEX outer layer for durability, and a wrist strap that provides a secure fit.

Key features

  • GORE-TEX outer layer
  • 300grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Wrist strap for secure fit


  • Superb insulation
  • Good palm material that increases durability and grip


  • A bit pricey

9. ​Ozero Snowmobile Mitten- Best for Sub-zero Temperatures.

If the arena you ride your snowmobile is a sub-zero region, you need a glove designed for such an environment.

Although other gloves on our list will be fine, if the temperatures extends more than -20degreres Fahrenheit, you need the Ozero mitten. 

This gear comes with 150grams of Thinsulate insulation. Although it has a lesser amount of insulation than Klim climate, this product can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Generally, gloves with high insulation are often less breathable than those with less. Yet, for the Ozero mittens, it is not valid.

This glove features a nylon upper layer with a TPU membrane equipped with a unique air design. That design makes it water-resistant, excellently breathable, and moist-free. So, you can expect a comfy, flexible, and sweat-free experience while using this gear. 

Also, for excellent strength and superb durability, the mitten features a double-stitched seam of cow leather layering on the palms, and between the forefinger and the thumb.

So, the gear is extremely tough, but it is also flexible and soft.

Ozero mitten is windproof and waterproof- thanks to its Nylon exterior layer. It also comes with an adjustable wrist belt and an elastic cuff to further keep the hands warm. 

Key features

  • 150grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Nylon? TPU exterior
  • Cow leather palms
  • Double-stitch seam


  • It comes in sizes for men and women
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Extra-long sleeve for improved warmth
  • It is suitable for sub-zero temperatures 


  • It may shrink or shrivel if washed wrongly

10.Mossi Leather Snowmobile Glove – Best leather Snowmobile Glove

If you are looking for a great all-leather snowmobile glove, this product is your best pick. Unlike every other product with a mix of cow or goat leather and nylon or Polyester, this gear incorporates leather into all its grove construction.

As such, it is sturdy and can withstand substantial abuses as you ride a snowmobile. 

It is worth mentioning that this glove is exceptionally flexible and tough. Although it is not as flexible MCTi waterproof men’s snowmobile glove, it is more robust. That is because leather is naturally tough and flexible.

Yet, all the benefits to the glove is not just because of its all-leather design. Specifically, the gear comes with 100grams of Thinsulate insulation for warmth and plastic inserts on the knuckle and fingers for extra protection. 

Even more, the glove does not come with a strap, but it has an elastic panel on its cuff for a secure fit. 

Key features

  • All-leather construction
  • 100grams of Thinsulate insulation
  • Elastic cuff panels for a secure fit
  • Hard plastic plates on knuckles and finger


  • Sturdy construct
  • Excellent durability
  • Classy look


  • Bulky

FAQ about Snowmobile Gloves

Are all these gloves windproof?

Yes, all the gloves provided on out list are windproof. To stay warm while riding a snowmobile, you need more than what a typical glove can provide. So, snowmobile gloves are windproof.

How do I wash snowmobile gloves?

The video above explains how you can wash your gloves. All gloves usually come with instructions on how to clean them, read them before attempting to wash the glove. 

Generally, you can use warm soapy water to wipe the exterior but ensure you remove the lining and insulation before you begin. 

What is 3M Thinsulate insulation?

Thinsulate insulation is a high-quality lining used to provide extra warmth.

 Every glove with this insulation come with different amount of of the Thinsulate material.  

Generally, the heavier its insulation, the less breathable the glove becomes.

However, Klim Kilmate Snowmobile gloves provide a hefty amount of this insulation, and it wouldn’t cause heat on your palms.

​Can I use snowmobile gloves when operating my ATV?

Yes. Good snowmobile gloves, like the ones on our list, are both sturdy and versatile in use. So, you can use them for any outdoor activity in the snow. 

​What is the best snowmobile glove for cold fingers?

If you have cold fingers, you should try a heated glove. Precisely, the best glove for cold fingers is the Flambeau Heated Snowmobile glove.

​How do I take care of my snowmobile gloves?

Although all the gloves on our list are rugged, a little bit of maintenance will see it last long.

Below are a few tips on how to maintain your gloves

Dry your gloves after every ride. If you can, leave them to dry overnight.
Coat treat your gloves once a season with wax, suede, or any other proper treatment.  You can use these Snow Googles also.

Our Final Verdict: Wrapping up

Snowmobiling is a fascinating adventure, only that it requires a heck of preparation before embarking on it. 

We are confident that we have helped you to decide on one of these requirements- snowmobile gloves. 

Remember, all the gloves and mittens that made our list are sturdy, comfy, extremely breathable, windproof, and waterproof.

So, you can pick any, and you’d be adequately shielded from the harsh conditions of the snow and still get a good grip on your Ski-Doo. 

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